Top 5 Mysterious Movies to Watch

There are tons of movies that are good enough to watch, but if you love to watch crime, thrill, and mysterious film, then plan this weekend to watch this movie. The storyline of these movies is exciting and will keep you in suspense and mystery till the end. What you will guess next in the film will be just opposite to that story. Not just mystery and thrill, but also this movie will provide your message at the end of the story. The fun is that how crime has been committed in the film is quite different from regular Bollywood movies. So, don’t get bored this weekend and plan to watch these top 5 mysterious movies full of suspense and drama.

Best 5 Mysterious Movies are:-

1. Ugly – This is a thriller film written-produced and directed by Anurag Kashyap. This director is already known for films made on crime. Rahul is a struggling actor search for his daughter kali as she has been kidnapped. Both Rahul and Bose, who is the stepfather of Kali, search for there daughter. The story revolves around that they both keep blaming each other that who kidnapped their daughter. This movie will keep you in suspense until the end. Just sit back and find the answer what happened to kali at the end and who was the criminal.

Top 5 mysterious movies

2. Talaash – This is a psychological crime thriller movie which is written and directed by Reema Kagti. Inspector Sherawat and his wife are stunned when their son dies. Her wife struggles to get upon loss while her husband engages in solving mysterious cases. He explains a complicated situation with the help of a mysterious character. Find out the answer. Why did she help him to solve the case? The movie will hold you back with its suspense, and the storyline of this movie is also full of suspense and stories inside it. A must watch a movie once. If you love to watch mysterious movies for fun weekend then this one is for you.

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Top 5 mysterious movies for fun weekend

3. Kahaani – This is a mystery thriller film written and directed by Sujoy Ghosh. The movie revolves around a pregnant woman who is searching for her husband in Kolkata at the time of the festival “Durga Puja.” The story becomes more confusing and exciting after the interval. This movie is full of mystery and so much suspense. I don’t want to give you all the spoiler of this movie, but I loved this movie due to its uncertainty in the end. Also, due to the popularity of the audience, its 2nd part has also been released. Although I don’t like this part much, the 1st part is a must-watch.

top 5 mysterious movies

4. A Wednesday – This is a thriller film directed and written by Neeraj Pandey. This movie was released in 2006, although the movie is old the content and story of this movie is a must-watch. This film is about to retire police commissioner. There are a series of events that unfold on every Wednesday. There is not any kind of existing record present to them. The commissioner recounts the most memorable case of his life. This movie will keep you to interact that what is going to happen next. Just hold yourself with this thriller movie and find out the answers to the sequence of questions. get ready, these top 5 mysterious movies for fun weekend.

top 5 mysterious movies

5. Drishyam –-This is a drama thriller film directed by Nishikant Kamat. This movie also has an exciting story about the death of police officers’ son. The main character, Vijay’s family, is being suspected and even threatened by police to kill her son. But Vijay, who is a cable operator in his area, has learned how to deal with this problem just by watching movies. He left no stones after committing the crime and save his family. This movie is full of suspense, and at the end of the film, you will see how he executed the crime.We hope these top 5 mysterious movies will help you to convert boring weekend into fun weekend.


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