5 New Updates of WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become the world’s most used messaging platform. Most of us today start our day using WhatsApp. So, the importance of WhatsApp cannot be ignored by us. With more than two billons+ downloads on play store and Appstore, WhatsApp becomes the most downloaded social media App. India has about 340 Million users of WhatsApp and also one of the most prominent markets worldwide. With its new experiment and updates, the makers are trying to enhance the user’s experience. The new updates of WhatsApp are really very cool.

Let us see what are the five new updates and features WhatsApp has added recently –

  1. Group Video Call– Although this feature was already present in WhatsApp, but was limited only up to 4 users at a time. But with its new update now, eight users can do video or audio calls together and have more connectivity together. Also, due to the no. of video calls increased in lockdown, they have to add this feature so you can have an enhancing experience.
  2. Call Waiting Support– In this update, even if you are on a call, then also you can receive another call on WhatsApp. Before this update, we even did not get the notification of calls on WhatsApp. But thanks to this feature. Now you will not face any problem missing any critical call on WhatsApp.
  3. Forward Limit– WhatsApp has now decreased the Limit of message forwarding. This feature has been introduced to deal with the spread of fake news and information. With the introduction of this feature, the range of fake news has decreased by 70% worldwide.The Limit of forwarding message has been decreased from 5 to 1. I personally liked this update as before my WhatsApp was full of fake news. Some have even developed the vaccine of Corona Virus, which is not yet possible by scientists and Doctors worldwide. We should not spread the phony message and use these Social Media Platforms in a proper way.
  4. WhatsApp Lock Feature– WhatsApp lock feature is a significant update to protect your chats. Recently, WhatsApp has released the “WhatsApp authentication system” in Android and IOS. Users can easily access this feature just by going to Settings>Account>privacy>fingerprint Lock. This feature can be accessed now only by updating your WhatsApp.
  5. New Group Privacy Setting– This is the feature I personally wanted because I know you all have been added to some unwanted family groups which you never wanted to join. They either send good morning photos or just festival messages. You all are tired of muting these groups and also can not exit the group. In this feature, now you control that who will add you to the WhatsApp group. Now user can select ‘Nobody,’ ‘My contacts, ‘or ‘My contacts except’ in the settings option and get rid of the unwanted family groups or some other kind of groups.These new updates of WhatsApp are really very helpful.
new updates of whatsapp

So these were the five new features that WhatsApp has introduced now. I think that this WhatsApp updates which should be added. Just update your WhatsApp and get access to these new features. Don’t spread fake news and also keep yourself away from this fake news. I hope you liked the blog. Do tell me in the comment section what can be added and also share this information with your friends and family members.


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