Great place to visit in Jaisalmer Trip[2020]

Rajasthan:- An Indian state full of royalty and Heritage. This state is famous for its historical events and vast culture. Many tales are famous for this state. But let’s not talk much about the tales but let us talk about this state’s unique place, “Jaisalmer,” also known as the Golden city of India. As per the name, India’s golden city is so applicable for this city due to its beautifully designed architecture, which seems like that the buildings here are made from the bricks of gold. Jaisalmer is the westernmost full-fledged city of Rajasthan, which is the quite close international border with Pakistan. This city is full of hospitality, Heritage, and rich in the royalty of the Rajasthani culture. This city has much more to explore, so we are going to have an idea about the top6 best places to visit in Jaisalmer:-

1.Jaisalmer Fort:-

The forts of Rajasthan are the brilliance of this state’s Heritage. One of the oldest and second oldest forts in Rajasthan was built in 1156 AD by a Rajput Rawal Jaisal from which this city got its name. The mesmerizing thing about this fort is that half or more than that population of Jaisalmer is living inside this fort. Take out half-day from your tour plan, and you can experience the vibe of this fort. Inside the fort, you will see Jain temples and some small havelies or Mansions. Also, some small restaurants and hotels are there with different kinds of cuisines and stay.

2. Lodurva Temple:-

This Jain temple of Lodurva is just 16kms from Jaisalmer. Even if you are not any spiritual or religious person, you should visit this fantastic temple to watch the fine craftsmanship, which is quite detailed and dedicated. This craftsmanship is done on a yellow stone, which leaves an incredible impact. The Jain follower visits this temple so much as there is a wish-fulfillment tree located. To know more, visit the temple, and ask the temple priest, he will elaborate on this temple’s tales. This is a great place to visit in Jaisalmer.

3.Amar Sagar Jain temple:-

This Jain temple is dedicated to Lord Parshwanath. The temple is located 7km away from Jaisalmer city and is adjacent to Amar Sagar lake and south of Lodurva temple. This temple is beautifully crafted with the gorgeously golden jaisalmeri stones. The astonishing small domes and inner work of this temple are just mesmerizing and eye-catchy. Also, there are statuses of animals and Tirthankara inside this temple. I almost swooned while visiting the temple. It will take only half-hour. And if you like me who loves Rajputi Architecture, then you will fall in love with this temple.


After visiting all the famous temples and forts of Jaisalmer, it is now time to endorse the fear inside you. Lying just 1 km from the west of Jaisalmer, there exists a story of this haunted village. To make this trip a Lil haunted, make a night trip with your friends. All things that you will find in this village is just some vacant house with no roofs at all. It will give a different kind of vibe to roam around a house with walls and no one.

5. Gadsisar lake:-

This is the first human-made lake in Jaisalmer, built-in 1400 A.D. by the first king of Jaisalmer. The primary purpose of built this lake was to store the water that could be further used by the town’s people. There is an ethnic structure place so elegantly in the middle of this beautiful lake. There are also boating facilities available nearby the lake, and at peak hours, there is a shortage of boats, so plan the timing to avoid the disappointment. One of the great place to visit in Jaisalmer

6. Sam sand dunes:-

Visited Jaisalmer and not experienced the sunrise and sunset photography behind the sand dunes then all in vain. There is no meaning of visiting this beautiful place then. Just make a plan of night camping with your friends or family and visit this place during the time of Feb or march to enjoy the famous Desert festival to experience a variety of entertainment programs with traditional dance. This is just 45kms away, and a road trip is the option to go to this place.

These were the top 6 places you must visit during the Jaisalmer trip. The upcoming blog is about the top 10 things to do and experience in Jaisalmer. After these 2 blogs, you will get a complete idea of how to plan a perfect trip to Jaiselmer. Make sure to share this blog and comment on your experience on the trip of Jaiselmer and what more can be added.

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