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In today’s technological market, the use of Chinese apps is increasing day by day. India has been on the top of the overseas destination for the Chinese apps and their developers. There are tons of Chinese apps which have been used in India with millions of downloads. But in this bad news, here is good news as the use of Indian Apps has been started to get attraction and being touted as the alternative of these Chinese apps. Many experts claim that Chinese apps collect data from the users and even some of their personal information. There has been a recent case where the MI browser has yet collected the data inside the Incognito mode and sent back to China. Like this, Tiktok has also shared its drafted videos with China. There are many such cases that are running now. It is time to take a small move and boycott Chinese apps. Although if you think that these apps can not be the best alternatives for Chinese apps to boycott by using these apps. Here are some Chinese app alternative —

1.Sharechat (Alternative to Tik Tok/likee/kwai)

Chinese App alternative

Share chat is a similar platform like Tik Tok. In this App, the user can share content with the other users in the form of videos. Also, this App allows the user to interact and communicate with other users. This is the best Indian App and alternative to boycotting the Chinese App. There are 17 languages for the user to choose from. It has 4.3 ratings on the app store with 100+ Million download on play store And is also an excellent Indian competitor for the Chinese App.

2. Jio Browser (Alternative to UC Browser) —

Chinese app alternative

UC Browser, owned by Chinese company Alibaba Group of China, is the second-largest most popular web browser across India and China. But in recent years, it has so many controversies regarding security and privacy. Now its time to ban this App and download the best Alternative of this App, which is Jio Browser. This browser offers fast and secure web surfing. The App provides all the similar content as the other browsers and has 4.5 ratings with 10 million+ downloads.

3. Adobe Scan (Alternative to Cam scanner) —

Chinese app alternative

Camscanner is a popular document scanner app that is run by a Chinese company. But last year, the app was removed from the play store due to a big case against this company. It was again reinserted in the play store. So we can eventually say that the App is not secure enough, remove the App from your phone and download Adobe Scan. There are all the features available and also some advanced features in this App, like crisp scanning, Edge Detection, and many more.

4. Indian Selfie Camera or candy cam (Alternative of Beauty Plus and YouCam perfect) —

Chinese app alternative

Although we have not received any concurring privacy news from these companies for some reason, you want to get rid of these apps; you can download Candy Cam or Indian Selfie Camera. You will find all the features like beautifying filters, slimming effects, and many more in this App. Although you will find some issues in Indian Selfie Camera with the updates, these bugs will also get removed if you are the one who tons of selfie, then this App is for you.

5.Google Drive (Alternative of WPS Office)-

Best Apps

The WPS office is developed by Chinese developer Kingsoft. It is widely used by the office suite of Windows, Mac or Linux, Android or IOS. Although it is difficult to find any Indian Alternative of this App, you can prefer using Google Drive instead of using WPS Office. It allows us to edit and keep the file, spreadsheets, Documents online. Also, it can be accessed from anywhere by just one Gmail id.

6. Photo Video Maker (Alternative of ViVa Videomaker) –

Best Apps

Viva video maker is a popular Chinese app made to edit videos on your mobile phones. But as it is a Chinese App so like other Chinese apps, this App asks for the permissions which are of no use for the video editing and leads to the privacy issues. If you are looking for some safe and alternative of this App then you must try Photo Video Maker. It allows us to edit the videos and also provides free licensed music.

7. Norton App lock (Alternative of App lock) –

best apps

App lock is another Chinese app for locking Apps behind pins, Passwords, or Fingerprints. While using this app lock, you are allowing the App to read your Internal storage and have access to camera and Microphones. But in my opinion, it’s very invasive to ask for such permissions. So, let’s get rid of this App. I have found an Alternative to this App, which is the Norton App lock. It is developed by popular Antivirus provider Norton Labs. It does the same work, which is done by the App lock, but the best part is that it provides a clean interface without and ads.

Its high time to replace these Chinese apps from our country. I hope the Chinese App Alternative will help you to restore those Chinese apps. Do share this blog as much as you can and try avoiding the Chinese apps or such apps that are having privacy issues and security loops within them.


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