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Despite everything that is going right now, 2020 is a strong year for gaming. Gaming is always a good option to spend your time and enjoy this quarantine. There is no effect on the gamers they are just waiting for the launch of new PC games and desperate to play them. There are tons of games that are launched this year by different gaming companies. But there are some top games which should be performed once. These games are full of action, strategies, thrill, and fun. These games do not allow gamers to leave from one place without completing the game or missions. Their eye-catching graphics enable players to improve their experience and feel like they are playing it live. Here is a list of top games which you play at least once –

Doom Eternal— Doom is back! It is a first-person shooter video game. Following the series of last game in 2016. Its story campaign is biggest yet, including denizen from hell to heaven. Top reasons to play it are it, Dispatch enemies, in different ways for a different resource. There is a massive number of demons to slay, and there is a new take to multiplayer. In this series, there is much more to experience. You can accrue XP in both Battle mode or in the campaign. Also, the skins of guns and armor are improved and unlocks with increasing levels. It would be best if you once gave it a try.

Call of Duty: Warzone – It is free to play a battle royal video game, which was released in March 2020. When the call of duty was released for mobiles, it has created a boom in the gaming industry. But now Infinity Ward and Raven Software have taken a baton to create a full-fat version of Battle Royale game with multiple modes and free to play model. There are new weapons, blueprints, and integrated maps with a capacity of 150 players at once. The top reasons to play this PC games is the familiar squad gameplay, also, with the Integrated Battle pass and the vast map filled with COD easter eggs. It would be best if you gave it a try.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary — It is a first-person shooter game set in the Halo Universe. Gamers have been quite patient when it comes to Halo, and I think this game will slowly pay off their patience level. It is an Anniversary version, which is are twerk of the first collection. The top reasons to play this PC games is the full graphic revamp. Also, another addition of MCC and, of course, due to Halo. Those gamers who love Xbox can jump back to the trailblazing shooter that has changed the phase of multiplayer gaming.

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Dragon Ball Z: There are many lovers of Dragon Ball Anime. In recent years Bandai Namco has proved how to create best Dragon Ball Z. It is a semi open-world action role-playing game that is recently launched in January 2020. The battles and fights are going to be top with the multi-stage destructible environment. Not only the match, but you can meet the characters of the franchise and spend time in the training, fishing, and exploring them before you go for the mind-blowing battle. Top reasons to play it are the Faithful recreation of the DBZ Universe. Also, the Battles with lavish and colossal scale. If you are an anime lover, then you should give a try to this game.

Pc games

Half-life: Alyx – It is a 2020 virtual reality first-person shooter video game of the Half-life series, which was initially released in March 2020. It might not be HL3, but it’s a dame alternate. With the new technology of virtual reality, this game has so many reasons to play it. Some of the reasons are An ambitious storytelling experience and some of the best use of VR. Also, official game after years. It is High praise indeed but far from hyperbole. I think if you want to experience virtual reality in games, then this game is made for it with some advanced graphics and interface to interact with the users.

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So, these were the top released pc games of 2020, which you should play at least once and experience a new mode of gaming. I personally recommend trying all these games due to there graphics and unique storyline. Also, comment down which game you would like to add in this least and share this with your gaming squad.

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