New Travel Destinations for travellers in Karnataka[2020]:-

Karnataka is one of the best tourist destination to visit. One can be lost in the beauty of Karnataka. We have a list of Bucket list ideas like tracking and adventure destination in Karnataka that fulfil your wanderlust. Karnataka is a place  that offers multiple adventure activities that are divided in its landscapes whether it’s on land,  in the sky above, upon the hills or even under the sea. There are plenty of option to visit and explore in Karnataka.From Bengaluru to Mysore, Karnataka is blessed with places that are truly magical and mesmerise you with the beauty. The best part about Karnataka is that it offers every kind of experience like touristy, stay cation or adventurous, it offers you many destination to explore.

Top Adventure activities in Karnataka:- 

 Here are list of adventure activities or places to visit in Karnataka. Take a look and add them to your bucket list.

White water rafting:- 

This is one of the best adventure activities in Karnataka. There is planty of white water rafting options are available in Karnataka like Bheemeshwari, Kodagu, Dandeli etc. Some of these thundering rapids are challenging, even for expert rafters also. The stretch of white water rafting is hard to navigate and provides spills and thrills to the adventure seekers. While rafting you should take care of proper hamlet or security.

Places to experience White water rafting in Karnataka:

Bheemeshwari, Sitanadi, Kemphole, Netravati, Honnemaradu, Dandeli, Gokarna, Marawanthe beach, Karwar and Devbagh, Madikeri, Madikeri, Kali River at Dandeli National Park.

Best Time to Go for White water rafting: October –February


  Karnataka is also very famous for amazing tracking spots. If you love tracking then Karnataka is best for you to explore. With more then 200 tracking trills, Karnataka is becoming favorite destination for trackers. Tracking places in Karnataka offers you amazing experience brings you close to nature. Puspagiri, kudermukh trek are one of the best tracking destination in Karnataka. It looks beautiful with its lush green vegetation and will definitely give you a thrilling experience.

Places to experience Tracking:-

Kudremukh Trek, Puspagiri, kumara parvatatrek, kanoor fort, Narasimha Parvatha Trek, Baba Budanagiri Hills, Coorg Plantation Hikes


Skydiving is also one of the best and amazing option for adventure traveler. Feeling of floating or swimming on the cloud and seeing the bird’s eye view is ecstatic. In Karnataka, Mysore is listed amongst the top destination to experience skydiving and it is expanding and gaining attention every year. There are multiple types of skydiving that can be experience in Karnataka – static, tandem or  freefall. Before skydiving a proper training is require to experience every point of skydiving. The view of the city comes to eye is truly amazing and beautiful.

Places to experience skydiving in Karnataka: Mysore

Best Time to Go for Skydiving: 

Except monsoon, every season is perfect to do skydiving in Karnataka

Rock Climbing:-

  When thinking and talking about Rock Climbing, Karnataka is impossible to ignore. If you are thinking of some hardcore adventure then get ready for rock climbing in Karnataka. Ramanagara, Sawan Durga, and Turahalli are the places and the size, rugged surface and gigantic boulders, which makes them the perfect places to indulge in rock climbing. All these places are good for adventures and experts.  Rock Climbing is one of the best activity in Karnataka.

Places to experience Rock Climbing in Karnataka: 

Ramanagara, Sawan Durga, Turahalli and Madhugiri

Best Time to Go for Rock Climbing:-  October to February


 In this you can experience flying and water activity at the same time. Those who are looking for action activity or some more adventure then this can be added to the list. It is one of the best water sport in Karnataka, which gives you one of the best thrilling experience. Murudeshwara, Gokharna beach, malpe beach are best places to enjoy Parasailing in Karnataka. Parasailing is best water sport that is loved by many tourists. Karnataka offers many places for this type of activity and Murudeshwar is one of them. Famous for the Shiva temple, the place will help you get the ultimate experience of parasailing. In parasailing, The rider touches down on earth or water towards the end of the ride to give a hike the thrill of this sport.

Places to experience parasailing in Karnataka:  

Murudeshwara, Gokharna beach, malpe beach

Best Time to Go for parasailing:-  December to February

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Wildlife Safari:- 

If you love to watch animal and there activity, then you should go for wildlife safari in Karnataka. It is best activity and one of the best way to get closer to nature and wildlife. There are many national parks in Karnataka that offer wildlife safaris and Nagarhole National Park is one of the best place for wildlife safari. The activity will definitely leave you speechless and give you memories to cherish forever. Hope these Bucket list ideas are helpful for your trip.

Places to experience Wildlife Safari in Karnataka:- 

Nagarhole National Park

Best time to go for Wildlife Safari:- October to February

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