Facebook Gaming: How To Create a Gaming Page

Facebook has been the essential part of our life. Almost 1.5+ Billion users are active on this platform. As the user base is so huge, then it can also be used to promote your content. Facebook Gaming is going to give fierce competition to both YouTube and Twitch Streaming. The fight of number one streaming still continues.

Without the acquisition of Mixer, the social media giant is ready to launch its Gaming streaming platforms, and the people are prepared to put up their hands on these streaming platforms as this platform has a vast audience. 

This is the time you should create your gaming page on Facebook. We will guide you from creating a gaming page to choose the correct bitrate settings you will find all settings in this article. So, Let’s start.

Creating a gaming Page:- 

Facebook Gaming

The first thing is you will require a Facebook account, and then after that, you have to create a gaming page. For creating this page, you will have to go through a particular category of ‘’Creating a gaming video Creator Page”. This is mandatory as by this the Facebook will provide access to Gaming Audience and its Algorithms so that you can target the proper audience. 

It is creating a page complete the usual things like adding Cover photos, descriptions, etc. That’s all now follow the second step. 

Download your Broadcast software:-

If you are planning to stream on Facebook, then you must download a Streaming Software that is necessary for steaming your content on Facebook. There are tons of Streaming Platform which are available. Just see the feature that there should be an option of Facebook Stream in that software. Some of the best streaming Software is Streamlabs OBS or Xsplit. 

Just see the speed of the Network should be good enough. Facebook suggests keeping the rate between 4 to 5 Mbps. 

Setup your Stream:- 

Facebook Gaming

Now, this is an important part of which you should focus if you want that the audience should view your content than try to make your content appealing to views by setting up your Streaming. You need to focus on some elements like Webcam, Voiceover, and the overlay. To bring your stream to life, you have to add some of the sources. Click on the plus button, which is found at the bottom of the setting now, click on ‘’Sources’’. Add your Gameplay footage using Game Capture once your Gameplay is added. Its time to add Webcam. Now do the same step select on the ‘’sources’’ then click on ‘’Video Capture Device”. Now chose on the Webcam you want to add. Place it wherever you desire to place.

After this, its time for Audio. Click on Source then go to ‘’Audio Capture Input’’. And check that the audience can hear your voice or not.

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Going Live:-

You should be interactive with the audience, so you should try to do live sessions. You can go live just by following the following steps: – 

On your Gaming Page, locate Create bar on the top and then click on Go live. You have to copy and paste the code of Streaming software to the Stream keys. 

Once this is done, then go to Create a title and try to build an interactive. So that people are just attracted to click on the live section. Try to add thumbnails so that it becomes better. That is it. Now its time to go live. Just click on Go live and enjoy live Streaming. 

Monitoring Streaming: –

This is the last step where you will get all the data of your live Streaming, which you have uploaded. You will get detailed Information about how much your post was liked, what was the total number of impressions also about the streaming health and the comments. The Creator studio Provides very detailed information about streaming to improve your future Streaming. 

That’s it. You need to cover these 5 points, and you will be able to create the best gaming page for Streaming. I hope you liked our Information, and this will help to build your gaming channel. Share with your Gamer friends. Also, like this page and our social Media Handles. 

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