Five most demanding Industries today

The world today is full of  Technology. The sec. we start our day to the last scroll of the Instagram or the last WhatsApp message, we all are dependent on technology. The Tech industry is one of the smartest and growing industries of all industries, and with that, the job opportunities in this industry are also growing day by day. The payout in this industry is also relatively high. And to learn these five most demanding tech skills to learn, you need a laptop and Internet access. That’s it. While every one of your friends is busy in Binge-watching or chilling, you have this time to move ahead of them. Just focus on this new skill set that is going to boom your carrier. This lockdown has taught us that the world is going to connect with technology. A store or a showroom, everyone will come online to expand their business. You have to upgrade yourself day by day, or someone else is going to replace you. Let’s explore five high-quality technical skills to learn today:-

1.Artificial Intelligence:-

The world of AI has started gaining momentum day by day. Wheater is about self-driving cars or any sector like healthcare to content recommendations; AI had helped the world to grow in every aspect. This is made to get rid of constant coding. One such application of AI is Machine Learning, which will help the computers identify the patterns by itself, learn from the data, and make decisions. The AI industry will boom in the upcoming years, and this industry will create so many job opportunities. The payment in this industry is also going to be so high. You don’t have to be an expert start learning from the online courses available on UDEMY, Udacity or whichever platform you prefer to learn.

2.Alexa developer

Ever wondered how this amazon Alexa or google assistant works and desires to make something like this, then Alexa developer is the right skill to learn. With this skill, you can make a program like Alexa and put the commands according to your requirements. There is an Alexa Skills Kit, which can help to learn everything about Alexa developer. As per the flexibility, you can also create a custom interaction model that will work on your commands. The skill can be used as a product developer for the company’s purpose or the self-desire. You can learn this skill.


Imagine someone who can do all the work you order to do just without demanding anything but just an energy in the form of electricity. How good will life be? Well, this can be achieved by learning robotics. At the same time, you know that robots can be seen working in many industries and factories at various applications, including medical and health purposes, personal assistant, security purposes, and almost in most industries. Robotics is the technology that will boom day by day. This industry also has so many job opportunities in the upcoming time. Get this skill to learn to the core and make yourself eligible.

4. Mobile Development:-

You indeed spent a chunk of the time in using mobile Apps. Why don’t you try developing Applications for mobile for your company? You have to learn some coding, which will hardly take 3-4 months if you are a  quick learner. Don’t be an expert but start making small applications for your small client, joining any company, gaining some experience there, and moving on to a big venture. You can get thousands of tutorials and videos on the Internet, which will make you an expert from scratch level as you know that neither mobiles nor the mobile Applications are going anywhere. Instead of this, they are just increasing day by day. Just start learning by today itself.

5.Augmented Reality:-

Are you the one who is tech-savvy and what you don’t want to go outside and can enjoy virtual shopping of the clothing, the colour of the furniture or designs or help the doctors in the surgery, then you should have a look at the AR industry. This industry is going to expand to about $1 billion by the end of 2021. It would help if you tried this industry to get an idea that will help you get a futuristic experience.  


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