New Indian Crime Thriller series For this Weekend{2020}


Just take a moment to watch this badass New Indian Crime Thriller series directed and produced in India while everyone is just busy watching Money Heist or Breaking Bad. The crime thriller, suspense, and murder that will chill down your spine. Also, the series will hook up your eyes. The mind-blowing storyline and the acting of the characters are so good enough. These New Crime thriller Series hindi are good to watch. So, let us have a look at these top 5 Indian webseries which are available on OTT platforms like Hot star, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee 5 or Voot Select: –

1 Delhi Crime: –

New Indian Crime Thriller Web series

This series is going to give you the idea of what is the condition of the Police force after the gangrape of Delhi in 2012. In the series, you will see that how the police force manages to find and investigate the real culprit behind this gangrape. The storyline and the crime scene are so detailed that you will finish this series at once as I did. Also, the acting of Shefali Shah is mind-blowing.  The New Indian Crime Thriller series is available on Hotstar specials. It would be best if you gave it a try once.

2 Mirzapur: –

New Indian Crime Thriller Web series

What to say about this series the nation wants to know the releasing date of the second season of Mirzapur. Means what a series if you watched this series once, then you are not going to forget the dialogues for the upcoming days. The series will take you to the world of Mirzapur. This series roll around drugs, guns, and Mafia gangs and Dons in Mirzapur. The dialogues and the star cast are so good. This best webseries is available on Amazon Prime and makes sure you don’t ask me for the second season as I, too, am waiting for it.

3 Bhaukaal:-

New Indian Crime Thriller Web series

This series tells us that don’t ever judge a series by its cover and popularity. Means the series has everything which you want to have in a crime series. Muzaffarnagar is the crime capital of India. A new SSP Naveen Sikhera makes his way to manage this crime capital, which is ruled by the two gangs the shaukeen gang manages the east side and the Dedha brothers manages the west side. The terror of these gangs is very much that the local police don’t even dare to ask any question to them. In this series you are going to find how Naveen Manages to clean this city. You should give it a try to this new crime thriller series in hindi its freely available on Mx Player.

4 Asur :-

If you want to get a twist of mythology in Crime Thriller, then the series will make you satisfied with its fresh content. This series has two stories within it. One of the phases is connected to modern forensic science and the other phase. See how the case of a serial killer has been investigated in this series, but even with both mythological and Forensic science, it becomes complicated to solve the crime. This is one of the best new crime thriller series hindi is available on Voot Select.

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5 Aarya:-

New Indian Crime Thriller Web series

This is my recently watched series and what a series. After this series, I am fan of Sushmita Sen’s acting. Means what acting she plays in this series. The series is based on the Spanish series Penoza. A woman who is given a hot seat to run her dodgy family business. In this series, you are going to get crime action thrill, drug load, and you will also find what a woman can do when she is given the power. I am eagerly waiting for its 2nd season. It’s available on Hotstar.

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