Top 5 Indian Good thriller Movies For this Weekend.

Today we all are trapped at our home due to this pandemic. We all want to get out of this situation. For getting out, we do a different kinds of Activities so that we can be engaged in them and forget about this. The best way is to watch good thriller movies. There are some of the good thrillers movies which will keep you engaged in them for so much time and will not allow you to forget the story. I think the Indian Director have done mastery in the genre of Crime thriller movies. The character and the storyline of these movies are just excellent, that you will believe that you are solving the case.

Good Thriller movies that you should watch are:-
Gangs of Wasseypur:-

The Director of this movie is Anurag Kashyap. This movie is mind-blowing. The Director of this movie himself is excellent who just cast the rowing talent instead of top Bollywood stars. The story starts from the early 1940s, and the location is Dhanbad. The storyline is so simple that a gangster clashes with another gangster who had killed his father, but the direction is mind-blowing. Not just the story, but the dialogues of this movie are going to be in your mind of a long time. This movie has two parts, and both are must watch. The movie is available on YouTube.


The Director of the movie is Sriram Raghvan. This movie is my personal favorite movie and must watch a movie. The genre of this movie is Crime-Comedy. Ayushmann Khurana, who is the lead actor of this movie, is a piano player who pretends to be blind and has witnessed a crime of a former actor. Due to this, he has been trapped in so many troubles. This movie was a blockbuster movie at a time of release. The comedy in this movie and it is quite good thriller movie . But the actions of the lead actor and all the supporting hero and heroine are mind-blowing. This movie will make you ask what will happen next. The film is available on YouTube.


The Director of this movie is Neeraj Pandey. This movie is based on terrorist attacks. An elite team of Indian Intelligence, which is made to detect and eliminate terrorists, is lead by Ajay, aka Akshay Kumar. This movie is like a web series that is built into the content of 2 hours 39 min. The acting of all the characters in the film is Awesome, but eventually, Anupam Kher is fantastic. The plot of this movie is clean and clear, but the way the movie presents the story in front of us is excellent. You can watch on Disney+hotstar.

No one Killed Jessica:-

The Director of this movie is Raj Kumar Gupta. The storyline of this movie revolves around Jessica Lall’s murder. Vidhya Balan plays the role of Jessica’s sister, and Rani Mukerji plays the role of News reporter. In this movie, you will see that all the news reporters are not for money. Some of them are for justice to be served. This movie was nominated for five Filmfare awards. You can watch this movie on Netflix. The film will have a positive impact on you for many days. This good thriller movie is set for the weekend.


The Director of the movie is Sujoy Ghosh. The plot of this movie is full of suspense, mystery, and thrill. A young entrepreneur finds herself locked in a hotel room next to the body of her lover. She hires a professional lawyer to solve this case. The ending of this movie is quite shocking. I will not tell you, but I request you to watch this good thriller movie once. The rating of this movie is 7.9. This movie is available on Netflix. Do watch it once. Also you can watch top 5 beyond imagination movies.

You can also check this page for good movies.
I hope you are now set for this weekend with this must-watch crime thriller movie. Make a comment on which movie you like the most. Also, please share with your friends so that they can also enjoy watching these movies.


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