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7 Most Additive New Mobile Games for 2020

If you are bored of playing that one Game which is downloaded in most of your smartphone (PUBG MOBILE), then you should give a try to some of the most addictive Mobile games which will entertain you for hours and hours. Also, these games are freely available on the Play Store and AppStore. Sometimes these silly smartphone games turn out of spending hours of time and nonstop playing. These Top Mobile Games are delightful and with new concepts that will keep you out of the boredom.

Here is the list of top games: –

1 Alto’s Odyssey

This Game is simple to play and is very addictive because of its endless scrolling.  Tap on the screen to make the player jump and perform some tricks. Otherwise, it is the same as the subway suffers. Just keep on side-scrolling and tap the screen to jump. Along with this journey, collect coins to earn the points and unlock new abilities. The Game is free to download.

2 Angry Bird 2

I know most of us are a true fan of Angry Birds and can’t leave without playing its games. But for those who haven’t tried this Game you should give it a try. Its concept is so exciting and straightforward. You are just shooting away from the enemy, which is Pig gang in this Game. You will unlock new levels and maps after winning every level. The movie has also been released, and its industry is increasing far and wide. You should give this Game a try.

3 Bubble Witch 3

The parental company of Candy Crush, the king, is now back with its exciting Game, which has three parts that come with its latest mobile puzzle game. Stella, the witch of this Game is back, and she needs to defeat Wilbur, and for this, she needs help. So download this Game and find that what is exciting about this Game.

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4 Color Road

This Game is also an exciting and never-ending Game. The concept of this Game is very simple and easy enough to play. Just a rolling ball that has to collect the balls of the same color and avoid different colors to pass the level. But as the standard keeps increasing, the difficulty of this Game ramps up and will not allow you to leave the Game without completing it.

5 Draw Something

If you are bored of playing games by yourself and want to involve you, friends, with you, then this is the Game you should download. It’s a party game. You will have to draw something on the mobile screen and allow you, friend, to guess that word or whatever you have drawn. The Game becomes interesting when you keep on playing it. This Game is free on App Store and Play Store, but if you want to download its ads-free version, you have to pay some amount.

6 Fortnite

What to talk about this classic mind-blowing Game. The Game is genuinely addictive due to its perfect cartoonist graphics and building mechanics and the fast-paced action. The aim is simple; you have to be the last person or last team stating. Please don’t compare this Game with PUBG MOBILE. It’s far better than that Game. You can download its free version, which is available on the App Store and Play Store. But you should download the Epic Game Launcher of this App so that it will be easy for you to play this Game.

7 Mine Craft

The Game is a widely popular computer game. This Game has been ported to several other platforms in recent years. You have to explore an entity world where you can develop anything from just ground level and end up growing and building. You have to protect yourself from the monster in survival mode and do creative things with limitless resources.

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