Best Inspirational Movies Of Bollywood To Watch:-

Entertainment or movies plays an important role in our day to day life. We watch movies, we learn from movies, and sometimes we want to be like the cast of the particular film. This blog is about the top 5 movies which you should watch once in a life, and that inspires us to do more and achieve more. Life is full of challenges, ups and downs, and many more. These movies tell you about the same problems, ups and downs, and how you can beat all the things and achieve more in life. Bollywood is full of those movies which inspire us, motivate us, and we want to watch the movies again and again. Let’s have a look at top inspirational movies:-

3 Idiots:- 

Director:- Rajkumar Hirani

 I think most of the people know about this movie and love the movie. Now let’s imagine if you haven’t watched this movie then after this blog, just go and watch the fantastic film. This movie is based on three best friends and one professor. Three engineering students who enter college to become a successful engineer. One of them wants to become a photographer, but his parents want to see him as an engineer. This movie tells about don’t run behind success; be eligible, then success will automatically come to you. The famous dialogue of this movie is “success ke Piche mat bhago, Kabil Bano success jakh maar ke tumhare Piche aayegi.” This movie all teaches about good friendship, like how these three friends help each other in their tough times. It also tells that a degree can’t decide your future. Work hard until you achieve your goal. This movie is a perfect combination of comedy, romance, emotional, and life lessons. If you haven’t watched this movie then just go and watch this amazing movie. Just say, “all is well.” Well, it is not the solution to any problem, but it gives the courage to solve the problem. This movie tells us that your mark sheet or report card is not the end; there is much more to do in life. 

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Bhagg Milkha Bhagg:- 

Director:- Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra

This was the real-life story of Flying man- Milkha Singh. World champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh are known as India’s most iconic athletic. He infamously lost the biggest race of life in 1960 in Rome Olympics. After all the darkness in his life, he finds the light. In this movie, Farhan Akhtar plays an important or lead role as he plays Milkha Singh. Milkha Singh is not only the man who is runner up, but in this movie is all about his fears, vulnerability, downfall, and desire to win. For this movie, Farhan Akhtar was a great choice. He transforms himself mentally to physically. It took him 13 months to transform and get the best fit for this role. This movie comes in no. 2 on top inspirational movies. His hard work and dedication make him perfect for this movie. This movie though us that you don’t need more money. Instead of this, just believe in your hard work because hard work pays off. This movie is based on dedication, inspiration, and tell you that no dream is too big.

top inspirational movies


Director:- Ashutosh Gowarikar

Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan with Amir Khan is one of the amazing and fabulous movies. Content, star cast, dialogues tied the audience till the end of the movie. Cricket is also known as the second religion in India. This top inspirational movies is based on British time and how normal people pay high taxes for survival. This film takes you back in the time of the British. In this movie, a young boy bhuwan who want to get rid of all the situation and taxes. Then bhuwan challenges them to play cricket, a game that is mainly played by Britishers. The game was played by Britishers and villagers, who never played the game before. In the end, the game turns in victory and tax-free life for villagers. This film gives us the lesson of unity, courage, and dedication.

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M.S Dhoni:- 

Director:-  Neeraj Panday

M.S Dhoni, personally, my favorite film. This movie is a biopic of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Sushant Singh Rajput played the lead role as M.S Dhoni. This movie is about the career of Dhoni. This movie tells you if you dream it, then you can do it. Just follow your heart and dream. For this Biopic, Shushant Singh spent almost a year with Mahendra Singh Dhoni to learn things. This movie is all about how M.S Dhoni Started his career, and after so many failures, he continues towards his passion. He worked as a Ticket Collector and, at the same time, focuses on his cricket career. If you haven’t watched this movie, then go just watch this amazing movie. I think this Biopic is amazing, and Shushant Singh Played very well in this movie. 

top inspirational movies


Director:- Farhan Akhtar:-    

 This Movie is Directed by Farhan Akhtar, and Hrithik Roshan Played the lead role. Karan(Hrithik Roshan) is a lazy, good-for-nothing youth who lives in his family business. Karan’s life is all about hanging out with friends and spending time with Romi, love. When he watches a movie, he decides to enlist in the army. After the basic army, training proves a lot to handle for Karan, and he decides to quit. It affects his life as all people around him do not respect him, so he decided to re-join the army. The film talks about having goals and works towards them. 

top inspirational movies

These are the top inspirational movies of Bollywood one must watch. Hope you like this blog.

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