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There are some movies whose storyline is unforgettable. The impact of these movies will remain on us for 2-3 days, and we don’t want to forget the storyline of these movies. In this list, the movies are beyond imagination. These movies have a genre of Sci-Fi and thrill. From storyline to the graphics, these movies have all in it. Whether it was about the concept of cybercrime or the earth back thousands of years ago, you will experience all the adventure in these movies. Just plan a weekend to watch these movies. Here is a list of movies

Lucy –

Top Movies

What if we use 90% or 100% of our brain. It is a Sci-Fi action movie directed by Luc Besson. This movie is based on the concept that only by using 10% of our mind, we have created these worlds today. But imagine the day when we will start using 100% or brain. In this movie, a young woman, Lucy, gets abducted by a gang and is forced to carry drugs, but the bag of narcotics busts out and gives 90% of brain use. She just became a superhuman. Just see what will happen in the movie. I recommend this is a perfect movie to watch for this weekend.

The time machines –

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This movie is based on the time machine. What if a time machine is developed? It is an American science fiction movie directed by Simon Wells. In this movie, you will be explant the concept of a time machine. Scientists and inventors are determined to prove that time travel exists. His determination gets turned into desperation due to a personal tragedy that drives him to change the past. Let’s watch in the movie whether he is successful in his mission or not.

Journey to the center of the Earth

Top Movies

what if you get a chance to visit the center of Earth. This is a science fantasy adventure movie directed by Eric Brevig. In this movie, you will be fallen into a different world where you will get a chance to explore the center of the Earth. A scientist sets out to find his missing brother with his nephew. As they find there a route to escape, their route gets deeper and deeper and they reach the place where they find strange things and encounter new creatures. But due to the increase in volcanic activities, they have to find a way to escape. This movie will bring you to a new world. Plan a day to watch this out.

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Alita —

It is an American cyberpunk action film written by James Cameron and directed by Robert Rodriguez. This is the movie with a good concept. The VFX and graphics and the animations used in this movie are awesome they are eye-catchy and keeps the audience attracted. As Alita learns to navigate her new life, she tries to shield her old history while her friend helps her to trigger her mysterious past. Don’t go on the animations of this movie they are awesome and will not upset.

Ghost in the shell —

It is a movie based on Cyberpunk. This movie is directed by Rupert Sanders. This movie comes with a fresh concept of cyber human and cyber terrorism. In the future as per the increase in technology, cybercrime is definitely going to increase. A girl is been made a cyber human just to decrease cyber terrorism in the world. When this reaches a level at that time, she is given the ability to hack the brains of humans and control them. She has many powers to prepare for a new enemy. After some time she finds that her life was not saved but stolen. Find out what happened next? This movie will give you an idea of what things are going to happen in the future.

So, I hope you that you will plan a perfect weekend with these movies just seat back and enjoy the movie full of imagination, thrill, action and tell me in comments that which movie you liked the most. Also share and subscribe to this blog.

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